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but Webster still had to respect tight end Chris Cooley speed up the middle. Webster hesitated, arrived late to help Madison and, worst of all, failed to make a play on the ball as Moss caught a 49 yard pass. It was yet another in a string of passes
cheap nfl jerseys china given up by Webster and, to be fair, the entire defense through the first 2 1/2 games of what was looking
authentic cheap jerseys like anything but a Super Bowl season. And it was Webster last play as a
cheap jerseys starter until the eventual playoff run. But while a shell shocked Webster might have been expecting a Lewis like lashing, he instead received a much different reaction from new coordinator Steve Spagnuolo. from that play, everything from pulling me out, Coach Spags was just like, take a rest for a while. Just take a break for a little while, Webster said. like, right, cool. now the Rams head coach, helped Webster regain that focus with his confidence in him and his patient approach. Late in the season came the turning point of Webster career: a 34 yard interception return for a touchdown against

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